Anonymous asked: Everlark

Who kills the bugs: Katniss kills them, Peeta captures them and takes them outside

Who hogs the sheets: Katniss, but Peeta doesn’t care because he likes cuddling with her anyway

Who hates mornings: Katniss, Peeta is used to waking up early because of the bakery hours

Who’s cranky before they had their coffee: Katniss, but Peeta always has a fresh cup ready for her when she comes downstairs

Who’s doesn’t like their mother in law: neither of them like their mother in law. Peeta hates Mrs. E for neglecting his daughters and abandoning Katniss after Prim died and Katniss hates Mrs. M for abusing Peeta and his brothers (even though she’s dead)

Who drives: Katniss since it’s difficult for Peeta due to his artificial leg

Who gets horny in awkward public places: Peeta and Katniss always decides to tease him

Who had a scene phase: Katniss

Who wore braces: Peeta, Katniss always makes fun of him for it

Who got bullied: Neither of them really got bullied, Katniss was just teased for being from the Seam

Who collects ceramic elephants: Katniss and Peeta messes with her because she’s usually so tough but then she has this nerdy collection